DATES // September to May


COST // $13,000 (cost includes airfare departing from Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, GA)

HOUSING // The students will live in the city of Lome part of the year and in the village in the north part of the year. The housing in the city is apartment living. Housing in the village is much more remote. Accommodations in the village will vary. There team members may stay in tents covered by open-air pavilions to offer some protection from the elements, or in a dorm-style bunk house. It is recommended that you bring a tent and mosquito netting. However, please be prepared for strong, monsoon-like winds and rain. It is a good idea to bring plastic bags to stow your electronics and water-proof seal and extra tarps for your tent. Restrooms and showers are available in the ML Academy for interns and GY Team members.

LOCATION // Immersion is based in the capital city of Lomé, Togo as well as the remote village of Gbentchal in northern Togo, an approximate 12-15 hour drive from Lomé. The Mentor Leaders guest house is outside the city limits, and is equipped with 3 bunk-style bedrooms, bathroom, and a kitchen. Meals are prepared by the Mentor Leaders African staff. The house is near Bread of Life Baptist Church and approximately 15 minutes from Lomé National Airport. The Mentor Leaders campus in Gbentchal is in the heart of this remote village in the bush of sub-Saharan Togo. In the village, team members will be submerged in the culture of the African bush and become a part of the unfolding adventure of this newly reached people group. We promise you will be challenged and inspired like never before!

MINISTRY // For ministry opportunities in Lomé, you will be involved in activities such as evangelism, youth ministry, music, Sunday school, children ministry, radio, Bible Institute and many other things in the churches. When attending a church service, be prepared to introduce yourself during the service. Opportunities for giving testimonies, preaching, or singing are possible–perhaps even on the spur of the moment. Try to be prepared. While in the city, there may be time to visit the Artisan Centre to pick up authentic African souvenirs for supporters back home. In Gbentchal you will have the opportunity to visit villagers and share your testimony with them via interpreter. Please be prepared to share your story with the people. You will also have many chances to interact and minister to the children in the village. Please do not give gifts to one child if you do not have enough to share with everyone. Mentor Leaders discourages gift-giving as we do not want the Gospel to be attached to a “give away” program. It is also suggested that you don’t give candy to the children as we are trying to improve their health through a nutritional program.


FOOD //  Togolese cuisine is often a combination of African, French and German influences. The cuisine has many sauces and different types of pâté, many of which are made from eggplant, tomato, spinach and fish. The cuisine combines these foods with various types of meat and vegetables to create flavorful dishes. Roadside food stands sell foods such as groundnuts, omelettes, brochettes, corn-on-the-cob, and cooked prawns.


WEATHER //  The climate is generally tropical with average temperatures ranging from 23 °C (73 °F) on the coast to about 30 °C (86 °F) in the northernmost regions, with a dry climate and characteristics of a tropical savanna. To the south there are two seasons of rain (the first between April and July and the second between September and November), even though the average rainfall is not very high.