Johnny + Natalie Condrey

Johnny Condrey, President of Global Year, and Natalie Balltzglier, his wife and ministry partner, were married in 1981. They have seven wonderful children and eighteen grandchildren. Four of their children serve the Lord in vocational ministries and all seven serve the Lord faithfully in their daily lives. Johnny has served the Lord for almost 30 years in student ministry. His passion is to involve young adults in life changing experiences with Christ.

Doug + Babs Stone

Doug and Babs Stone have been working with students most of their adult lives. They have four children and ten grandchildren. Doug left his vocation in the banking industry to invest in eternity, by equipping and mobilizing students to the nations with Global Year. We are blessed to have them serving as the Directors of Mobilization.

Taylor + Emily Condrey

Taylor Condrey is the son of Johnny and Natalie Condrey.  He went on his first international mission trip to Costa Rica in 2009 serving with Global Year, and upon his return from the mission field, he received his call to missions. Unable to ignore God’s call on his life, he enrolled to North Greenville University, majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies, with hopes of using his education in linguistics and Spanish to further God’s Kingdom.  In 2014, he graduated from North Greenville. He married his formerly widowed wife Emily in December 2018. They have their 4 year old son Roid and infant daughter Ruth. Taylor is currently serving as our Director of International Ministry.

Derek + Lauren Nelson

Derek spent the first year out of high school in Argentina. Lauren spent a semester in Mexico during her college years. They were both transformed by their experiences abroad. Thus, after several years of college, getting married, two sales careers, and a couple beautiful children later, Derek and Lauren have joined the Global Year team. They they have been serving in Cape Verde, Africa for the last two years equipping and discipling students while reaching Cape Verde with the Gospel!

Richard + Lauree Hayden

Richard and Lauree Hayden married in 2007 and have five children. Richard has served in ministry since 2008 when he took his first position in student ministry. Lauree has worked as a public school teacher for nearly twenty years. However, the Lord is leading them to transition to the mission field through Global Year in 2020. They are planning to move to their first assignment in Guatemala as field directors in June of 2019. Both have a heart to equip and disciple students while also reaching the people of Guatemala with the Gospel!

Popeye & Olive Oil

Popeye and Olive Oil serve in an undisclosed location. Their pseudonyms are to protect their identity, please contact us directly for more information. We are blessed to have them serving as Student Life Directors.

Field Director

Samueli + Emily

Emily Brink had her life radically changed by God during a college semester spent abroad in Austria. That personal experience lit a fire in Emily’s life for the importance of discipling students in their relationships with Christ. It took a few years to see how God intended to use that passion; but, as He does, God fit all the pieces together and Emily has been on staff with Global Year since May of 2013. She is now living and serving as our Student Life Director in Italy with her husband Samuele.

Kelsey Beaton

Kelsey Beaton is a valuable addition to our staff. She had her life changed after a college fair at the mall. Someone talked with her about mission trips. After doing some research on the web and prayer, she came across Global Year. Graduating high school in 2011 she decided to take a year long mission to El Salvador. Upon her arrival home she attended some college, but kept feeling God’s call toward missions. She has a huge heart for young people and for serving the Lord! She is now serving as our Administrator of Finance.

Tanya Betancur

Growing up, Tanya had the opportunity to go on a few mission trips to Belize, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, and El Salvador. Through those mission trips God showed her how desperately our world is in need of the Gospel. After graduating high school, God put in her heart to take a gap year to pursue missions. In August 2013 she committed and moved to El Salvador with Global Year. During those nine months God pressed on her heart again how desperately our world is in need of the Gospel. In 2014, she returned back to El Salvador with Global Year to do an internship. Again God worked in her life and called her into full time missions. In April of 2019 Tanya married her husband Santi. Today, Tanya continues to serve with Global Year full time.

Makayla Lippert

Makayla joined the Global Year team in 2018! She grew up in Louisiana and Mississippi, and after graduating high school in 2012 she went to Ireland with Global Year. This year changed her life and she started to sense the call to ministry. Since then she has been involved in lots of ministry activities including church internships, camp counseling and returning to Ireland for a brief time. She is looking forward to being apart of the work God is doing through Global Year as she serves on the field in Honduras!

Paige Herst

Paige Herst is married with 3 lovely daughters. She has a degree in Social Services and for the last several years has been teaching coping skills to all ages who have undergone a traumatic event or behavioral challenges. Before that she has been involved with the business arena for 26 + years. She was introduced to Global Year by her oldest daughter who went to Ireland for 11 months with a team from Global Year, and while she was gone, she fell in love with what Global Year was doing. She told the Lord that she would love to work for Global Year one day to help the students adapt with coping skills when they came back from the field. Her daughter’s team inspired a calling in her to help them overcome the challenges, spiritual warfare and displacement that they feel when they come back home to America. Throughout her life, God has been gently teaching her and molding her for this amazing opportunity.

Caleb Earle

Caleb Earle has had a passion for missions for as long as he can remember. Even as a child, Caleb had a fascination with Italy and started learning the basics of the language when he was seven. He went on his first mission trip to Italy eight years ago to help with a summer camp ministry. Caleb returned every summer for months at a time as he became more involved and was learning Italian. At the beginning of 2019, he was asked to consider moving to Italy as a Global Year staff member. Caleb has a passion for young adults and helping them discover who God created them to be. Now, he gets to do that full-time in his favorite place in the world!

Rebecca Nelson

Rebecca Nelson has had a heart for missions since she was 15 years old. In 2018 she had the opportunity to go to Chertsey, Quebec with Global Year for a gap year. There God showed her how much He is doing and can do in the French Canadian culture. During this year God gave her a heart for His work in Quebec. She has happily made herself available to Him and will be going back to continue serving in Quebec with Global Year as a field director.

Field Director / Canada

Zac Stewart

 Zac has always been interested in ministry, and went on short term mission trips in high school to New York City and Ireland. He then spent 2017-2018 in Global Year Ireland, where the Lord confirmed his calling into ministry and missions. The Lord has given Zac passions for leading worship, as well as youth ministry.  We are excited that Zac will begin serving as a Go Coach with us at Global Year in the fall of 2019!

Josh Fox

Josh Fox always thought being a missionary would be cool as a kid, but he thought college is normal and he wanted that route first. God had other plans and changed his heart for missions during his Junior year of high school.  He lived in Honduras for the 2017-2018 GAP year and fell in love with the ministry there. This past year Josh attended a year of college studying Cybersecurity, but this next year looks a little different for Josh as he has said yes to serving in Honduras as the Associate Field Director. 

Intern / Honduras

Ashlyn Davis

Ashlyn has always had a passion for serving but didn’t know what that meant for her life. Until God laid it on her heart that missions and ministry was the path he wanted her to take. As her senior year of high school was approaching she thought about college but did not think she should go straight to college. So she took a Global Year after she graduated high school. She went to Cape Verde and God opened her eyes to how much the world needs the Gospel. He has now shown her her passion for life and will be serving again in Cape Verde this next year as an Intern!

Intern / Cape Verde

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