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Title for Guatemala
View of mountains in Guatemala
Host family in Guatemala
Kids at home in Guatemala
Building a home in Guatemala

DATES // September to June


COST // $12,000 (cost includes airfare departing from Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, GA)


HOUSING // Global Year students will live with the Field Directors in a three-level home. The Field Directors will live on the third floor, with the students living on the first and second floors.


LOCATION // This gap year program students will live in San Antonio Aguas Calientes, a village 15 minutes outside of Antigua, Guatemala. The village is located in a bowl-looking area with mountains and volcanoes in view and crop squares all around. There are tiendas (“small shops”) scattered throughout the village with family-owned restaurants and stores within walking distance. San Antonio Aguas Calientes is known for casket making and double-sided weaving.


CULTURAL INFORMATION // Spanish is Guatemala’s official language, but there are dozens of Mayan languages that are still spoken in the country. Even though Mayans do not speak Spanish, families are pushing their children to become fluent in the language to help them be more versatile. As elsewhere in Central America, Roman Catholicism is the main religion. In Guatemala, though, it can have a different twist. Over the years, Catholicism has merged with ancient Mayan religions to produce something quite unique, especially among the Highland Mayan communities.

The family is central to Guatemalan daily life and society, and strong emphasis is placed on family loyalty. Not only do family ties form a vital part of social identity, but they provide assistance in the business. Chicken Pepian is the national dish of Guatemala. It's a simple bowl of chicken in spicy pumpkin and sesame sauce.


MINISTRY // The ministry in Guatemala consists of volunteering with several ministry partners. These partnerships will allow the students to build friendships with the locals with the intention of sharing the Gospel. Students will disciple Guatemalans to follow Jesus and other efforts will consist of local evangelism, soup kitchens, Bible studies, providing respite care at orphanages for special needs children, building homes, and many other opportunities. Global Year staff will lead the students to integrate with the local way of life in the villages and learn the language with the purpose of sharing Gospel truth. There are many in the rural villages who have never heard the true gospel, so it is our goal to gain their trust through a relationship and impart to them the good news of redemption in Christ alone!

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