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DATES // August to July

COST // $15,000 (cost includes airfare departing from Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, GA)


HOUSING // The students live in the Lacken House the first couple months. After the first couple months of team building and training, the team will live in a small Irish village to serve with a local pastor and church.


LOCATION // The Republic of Ireland is located in the extreme north-west of the European continent locked in by the turbulent waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the narrow passage of the Irish Sea.


CULTURAL INFORMATION // History and Geography: In 1841 the Republic of Ireland had a recorded population of 6,528,770, the great majority worked in agriculture and lived in the open countryside. Famine and emigration had reduced this figure to 2,971,677 by the time the first census in the newly independent Free State was taken in 1926. In 2004 the comparative proportions of the 1.6 million people at work were 6.4 percent (agriculture), 27.6 percent industry and 66 percent (services). Not surprisingly some two-thirds of the country’s four million population now live in gateway cities. In 2002 the greater Dublin area had a population of over one million as compared to 186,239 for Cork, the next largest urban concentration.

Weather: The Southeast enjoys more hours of sunshine than the rest of Ireland, and Northern Ireland gets less sunshine than the rest of the country. As in other countries in the Northern Hemisphere, the most sunshine occurs May through August, while December and January has only a few hours of sun per day. Perhaps just as important in Ireland, because of its northern latitude, are the hours of light each day. In the summer you may only have a few hours of real dark, while during the winter sunlight is a thing to be treasured.


MINISTRY // Ministry in Ireland includes intense efforts in evangelism working with the local church. Along with strategic team efforts throughout the year in evangelism a student will be heavily trained so at all times he/she can effectively be light and salt wherever they are. Operation Mobilization (OM) – and partner with Operation Mobilization. The students participate in the Immersion program.


TESTIMONIES // “We have been going out with the Big Red Bus on Sundays and witnessing in the park. We shared the gospel with two girls who were in their early twenties, and I can honestly say that I have never seen so many people in Ireland be so open to the gospel! The girls walked away with hope and a bible, both of which they were lacking just hours before! I love the people of IRELAND!!!” – Whitney

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