Mason Watts

Global Year China 2015

"Since coming back from South Asia with Global Year in 2015 I have been working and going to school to earn my bachelor’s degree in international studies and a minor in linguistics and Chinese at the University of South Carolina. I have two semesters left before I graduate and then I hope to either head to seminary for a master’s degree in missiology and Bible translation or to work and participate in missions as God allows. Before going with Global Year, I never seriously considered participating in full-time missions or in attending seminary, but now I am considering both! I consider participating with Global Year to have played a central role in shifting my focus towards seriously studying the Word and possibly pursuing full-time ministry or missions."

Madeline Callison

Global Year Cape Verde 2017

"I went to Cape Verde, West Africa with Global Year in 2017 and it changed my life forever! I never had the intention of wanting to serve God on the foreign mission field full-time, but I ended up falling in love with foreign mission work. When I returned back to the states, I could tell that my heart had been changed completely by God and I was on fire for Him. I am currently a Sophomore at Campbell University pursuing my Bachelor of Science in Nursing with a minor in Christian Studies. My time in Cape Verde truly prepared me for the best and worst of times in college. My personal relationship with God has only continued to grow because I am continually able to see His faithfulness, sovereignty, and glory in my own life. I have been able to share my testimony of faith and minister to my friends, family, professors, and classmates. Because of my desire to share Christ with others, God has provided me with many amazing opportunities on campus to be used by Him. I am a Student Ambassador for our Spiritual Life department, Executive Chaplain of our Student Government Association, a camp mentor for Campbell University’s Theological Institute, and I am an active member of our Christian sorority on campus, Sigma Alpha Omega. With all of these great opportunities and responsibilities, I have been given the chance to lead bible study groups, lead devotionals in our biweekly Congress meetings, plan worship services, Spiritual Life events, and minister to many students on my campus. My time in college and in Cape Verde has greatly impacted me and my love for Christ. I feel that all of these things are preparing me for what God has in store for my future. God is calling me to be a nurse on the foreign mission field and is still continuing to prepare my heart for that journey and calling. When I was considering applying to Global Year in my junior year of high school, I never thought that God would do so much work in my life and drastically change me forever in the way that He did. The girl that I was in high school would have been petrified at knowing what opportunities that God has given me because that girl never knew how to any things that I do now for God and His kingdom. When I say that God drastically changed my life and my heart, He greatly did and all that I can do is praise Him for His glory and the work that He did for that change."

Madison Bush

Global Year Cape Verde 2017

My name is Madison Bush and I was a Global Year missionary in Cape Verde, Africa 2017-2018. Currently, I am a Customer Service Associate for a medical company in the town I grew up in. I talk to my patients daily about their personal lives and seek opportunities to share Christ with them. Global Year changed my life!I was challenged physically, emotionally, and most of all spiritually. The most profound lesson I learned is that LIFE IS NOT ALL ABOUT ME! I carry this lesson with me daily. No matter what I do, my heart’s desire is to show and share the love of Jesus Christ. Global Year taught me how to walk out my faith in all circumstances. My life verse is Romans 11:36, “For Him, Through Him, and To Him are all things. To Him be the Glory forever! Amen.” God gave us this life, so everyday we should be a living sacrifice for the sake of His gracious name!